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15-Jan-2018 12:26:00 AM


As an Arabic - English translator, you'll translate clients' documents between the pair, review translation and proof-read them. You need to be specialized in a field or two, e.g. engineering and/or arts at least. You'll have to be skilled at using word processing applications and at least one CAT tool, preferably memoQ or SDL Trados. Moreover, you may be required to maintain original document design, a.k.a Desktop Publishing, using native applications (e.g. Word, PowerPoint, etc.).

Depending on client's requirements and project's specifics, you may need to work extra hours or work from home. Your role may vary between translator and peer reviewer/proof-editor from project to project.

Your Responsibilities

Translators in Sourgget, a subsidiary of Cubex Solutions, participate in translating, editing or proof-reading clients' documents. You'll be working with a team and your role may vary from project to project and from day to day. Your main responsibilities are:

  • Translate documents between at least a language pair;

  • Conduct peer review and proofread translation;

  • Maintain original design in native word processing applications (simple DTP);

  • Create and use glossaries, term-bases and translation memories per project or per client;

  • Estimate source word counts for printed documents;

  • Estimate time needed to deliver the project;

  • Liaise with project coordinator to discuss any unclear points.

Your Roles

You are expected to be able to play any of these roles:

  • Translator

  • Desktop Publisher (maintaining and unifying formatting and styling)

  • Peer Reviewer

  • Proof-reader

  • Project Coordinator

Job Requirements

You need to have the following skills and proficiencies for you to be considered:

  • Absolute proficiency in Arabic language;

  • Good knowledge of American and British cultures and language differences;

  • excellent writing skills and command of grammar in both Arabic and English;

  • Good knowledge of using online translation platforms (e.g. Transifex);

  • Excellent at using at least one major CAT tool (SDL Trados or memoQ);

  • Excellent at using at least one word processing software (MS Word, LibreOffice Writer, etc.)

  • Proven track record in translating in two fields at least (e.g. medical, engineering, etc.);

  • Maintain an average capacity of 3000 - 3500 words per work day;

  • Be able to work under pressure to meet deadlines;

How to Apply

Use the button below to apply for this job. Please include a recent PDF version of your resume and name the file as 'Your Name Resume'. If you have any supporting documents (certificates, courses, etc.), be sure to append them to your resume file. References do matter to us. If you have references or endorsements, list them in your resume detailing reference name, position, company name and contact data, preferably mobile number. If your resume states 'References will be furnished upon request', you'll be requested to furnish them.