Contracts & Legal Documents

"Pacta sunt servanda", Latin, for "Agreements must be kept". Well, agreements must always be kept, and your rights must always be preserved, clearly stated and legally expressed.

 Financial & Business

Money talks they say! Does it speak different languages? Yes, it does.

Your business financial matters are kept

confidential and handled by professionals.

Advertising & Marketing

Creating an emotional advertising message that stays in the heart and minds of your target audience is a difficult process where creativity is a must. Transferring your message to a new audience, with a different culture in another language is even harder and requires more creativity.  

 Health & Medicine

Health is precious and taking care of it is fundamental. Whether you are a patient, physician, medical school student, health care employee or company; assign your health and medical content, to be translated by the experts


In a constant moving world; transportation and automotive industry must be of great significance.
All of us are involved within the automotive cycle, so whether you are a consumer, manufacturer, transportation provider... etc., rest assured that when linguistic and automotive industries cross; you are in safe and professional hands.  

Banking & Insurance

Whether you are a business owner, enterpriser or a financial authority; all you need in the world of banking & insurance is at your finger tips, handled on an informed basis of field knowledge and specialists. 

Oil & Gas

In a world that runs on fossil fuel, oil and gas industry is life to this world. Whether it involves exploration, extraction, refining, transportation or marketing of petroleum products, you have just made a great linguistic discovery in the oil and gas field.



Tourism, hotels and hospitality are all fields requiring flawless product as they always provide a flawless 5 stars service. Marketing for 5 stars hotel, tourism and hospitality services requires to be presented in 5 stars linguistic services.


& Engineering

We live in an urban world made of skyscrapers high into the sky with deepened roots 

Computing & IT

A small explanation of this great
feature, in clear words.