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Neither of the parties involved in the negotiations ( is / are ) willing to discuss that question.*

The international community will provide emergency assistance because the region is unable to handle the crisis completely on ( it's / its ) own.*

Nigeria, along with several other African countries, ( contribute / contributes ) troops to United Nations peacekeeping missions.*

Hurricanes are a ( continuous / continual ) threat in the Gulf of Mexico.*

The representative of Poland is one of the few members who ( participates / participate ) in the meetings regularly.*

The assignment will be given to ( whoever / whomever ) is available at the time.*

The committee will need specific infomation on the financial implications ( before / prior to ) making a decision.*

Everyone had an opportunity to express ( their / his or her ) opinion before voting.*

We expect ( fewer / less ) people to attend the conference this year.*

If they are determined to win, they will press on ( regardless / irregardless ) of the difficulties involved.*

The delegates were in such a hurry to leave that they could not be persuaded to stay for the reception ( or / nor ) even participate in the debate.*

If the Director ( had bothered / would have bothered ) to check the facts, she would probably have reached a different conclusion.*

The confidential report was ( laying / lying ) on the table in plain sight.*

The presidency rotates ( annually / on an annual basis ).*

The refugees were unable to ( take / bring ) anything with them when they were forced to leave their homes.*

Rather than impose outmoded workload standards, new benchmarks were established by the managers to take the changing technology into account.*

The parties, having reached a settlement, the judge released the jury.*

The drafting committee held informal consultations for several days and eventually an interim report was issued.*

Unlike its previous efforts to promote literacy, which were limited in scope, th_ee foundation has developed a new project that extends throughout the region.*

The General Assembly stressed that the agency played an important role in supporting the efforts of developinÿ countries that are prone to natural disasters towards establishinÿ prevention and reconstruction programmes and urged the agency to continue to work closely with those countries.*

The Council decided to postpone its discussion of the report, which would allow the rapporteur time to update the conclusions after reviewinÿ the latest findings, and to consider the matter at its next session.*

Before adopting the proposal, more infon-nation on the budgetary implications is required.*

The members of the Council committed themselves to fightterrorism in all its forms.*

The World Health Organization is working with national authorities and other partners on steps to irnprove the monitoring of influenza viruses and other steps to reduce the risk of infection among people, increasing the availability of antiviral drugs and reducing the time needed to make influenza vaccines.*

Widely available in urban areas, 60 per cent of the rural population lacks access to safe drinking water.*